Adam Lawton Boozer


I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with a number of different clients, agencies and friends. There is nothing better than working with a great team.  Two of my main collaborations are formalized as their own brands, LawtonMiles and Stowaway.


LawtonMiles is my close partnership with photographer Sully Sullivan. The name comes from both of our middle names. Sully and I collaborate on projects where we are shooting both motion and stills, but we really work together best as one unit. Check out our work here.


Stowaway is a brand focused entirely on travel and tourism projects. My work with this brand is done in collaboration with Tim McManus and the great team at HedHi Media. Check our our projects here



I grew up on the back lot of Six Flags over Georgia.

Many of my summer days were filled with a pocket full of video game tokens and a healthy fear of the dark sections in the Monster Plantation. My early exposure to the impact that creativity and storytelling could have on an audience completely shaped my outlook on life and ultimately my career.

My work has taken me on amazing journey so far and frankly I think it's only the beginning. I’ve shot out of helicopters from Italy to Ireland. I’ve documented the stories of blind machinists, buffalo wranglers and professional athletes.  I’ve fogged my viewfinder with tears as I captured images of children much less fortunate than my own.

I’ve been dog sledding in Sweden and kicked off a private island in the Caribbean. I’ve had my gear taken for days by Central American customs. I’ve worked on projects for the biggest brands and agencies, winning all sorts of awards. I’ve talked a billionaire into doing a voice over for a project and I’ve seen more sunrises than many will see in a lifetime.

I’m not sure if its luck, hard work, or a combination of both, but I am incredibly grateful for the experiences that my work has allowed me to collect.

While I have had many exciting opportunities thus far, the thing that I am most entranced by is the beauty of the people I have had the opportunity to meet and the power of their stories

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